ACLU Wants To Help Free Britney Spears Amid Her Conservatorship Drama

ACLU Wants To Help Free Britney Spears Amid Her Conservatorship Drama
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Fans of Britney Spears know her conservatorship drama has played out for months now, however, in 2020, social media commenters really ramped up their efforts in the "#FreeBritney" movement.

As the theory goes, Jamie Spears, Britney's father, has supposedly been holding Britney under his thumb as her legal guardian for decades, and fans want him to no longer be "in control" of her estate and personal life.

Recently, it was reported that Jamie was no longer the conservator and Jodi Montgomery was given that right. Jamie has actually commented on the "#FreeBritney" movement during an interview with the New York Post's Page Six.

Jamie claimed the movement was a "joke," because nobody on social media knows what's really going on in his family's life except for those apart of it. While choking back tears, Jamie said he loved his daughter and his other kids as well, but the conservatorship drama was their problem and theirs alone.

Moreover, Jamie explained how people "didn't have a clue" about what was going on behind closed doors. He also touched on the theory that he has been stealing money from her estate, which he suggested was completely preposterous.

This week, it was reported that the American Civil Liberties Union has entered the battle. New court documents have revealed that Spears " strongly opposes " her father being the conservator going forward, and she'd much rather have Jodi has her caretaker.

The ACLU dropped a tweet this week in which they claimed people with mental health issues have the right to live their lives autonomously. The group said they're "here to help."

As it was previously reported, Spears has been living under her father's control since 2008. However, as it was noted above, Jodi took over the role when Jamie began to experience health issues.

This was around the same time as Britney Spears' canceled Las Vegas residency , which was reportedly shelved due to Jamie's health problems. TMZ reported, however, that Spears had been experiencing low ticket sales, sparking some to believe low turnout was the real reason for its cancelation.

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