Britney Spears' Conservatorship Could Finally Come To An End Amid Jamie's Health Crisis

Britney Spears' Conservatorship Could Finally Come To An End Amid Jamie's Health Crisis
Credit: Source: Rolling Stone

Not long after Britney Spears had her famous meltdown that led to her shaving her head in front of paparazzi, her dad Jamie became the conservator of her approximately $200 million estate. Now, more than a decade later, Jamie has some serious health problems, and Britney just checked herself into a mental health facility, so many are wondering - who will be the one to take over the singer’s empire?

After the news broke that Britney had checked into a mental health facility, Radar Online talked to Beverly Hills attorney Jeffrey W. Steinberger to get some answers to the legal questions involved in the superstar singer’s current situation.

Steinberger explained that if Jamie is “incapacitated,” he could appoint a new conservator for Britney’s estate .

“If Britney is in good shape with her sister [Jamie Lynn] she could handle it, or any other family member,” Steinberger said. “It would be Jamie’s decision.”

The 66-year-old Spears could also opt for a lawyer to take over instead of a family member, noted Steinberger.

Last month, co-conservator Andrew Wallet resigned and left Jamie in charge of the estate all by himself. If his health takes a bad turn to where he can no longer make cognitive decisions or passes away while Britney is still in treatment, then the court would take over and appoint someone.

Another option for Britney would be to petition the court herself so she could take back control of her fortune, but that would have to wait until she is out of treatment. Britney would have to be feeling better, and Steinberger says the court would bring in a therapist “to find out if she’s competent to handle her money.”

When it comes down to it, Steinberger says that Britney is an adult, and she has the right to her earnings.

Britney reportedly checked into a wellness center to deal with her dad’s failing health. She also canceled her Las Vegas residency last fall after her dad’s colon ruptured and he had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Insiders say that Jamie’s health is not improving, and he has had a lot of complications since the initial crisis of the ruptured colon.

As for Britney, her loved ones couldn’t be prouder of the singer’s attempt to get healthy. Her mom Lynne, sister Jamie Lynn, boyfriend Sam Asghari, and her ex-husband Kevin Federline have all spoken about the situation to show their love and support.

Britney Spears checked into the facility one week ago, and she will reportedly stay for thirty days. In the meantime, Federline has 90 percent custody of their two boys, Sean and Jayden.


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