Britney Spears' Father Jamie Says The Public 'Doesn't Have A Clue' About The Conservatorship - The #FreeBritney Movement Is A Joke

Britney Spears' Father Jamie Says The Public 'Doesn't Have A Clue' About The Conservatorship - The #FreeBritney Movement Is A Joke
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Jamie Spears , the father of Britney Spears, isn't happy with the "#FreeBritney" movement on social media. As most know, there exists a movement on the internet in which people describe Britney as a prisoner under her father's thumb.

The 68-year-old father of Britney Spears wrote to the New York Post this week that the "#FreeBritney" movement was completely preposterous and a "joke." Jamie said to reporters from The Post that the social media commenters "don't have a clue" what's going on behind the scenes.

Jamie says it's up to the government of California to choose what's best for Britney, and it's not anyone else's business. Jamie also addressed the allegations that he has been stealing from her estate, arguing that the idea was completely farcical.

Britney's father says he has to report every dollar spent to the court every single year. There's simply no way he could even steal something if he wanted to.

Perhaps the biggest issue of all, Jamie explained, is the purported aggressiveness of some of the supporters. Spears claims there are people close to him that are being targeted, harassed, stalked, and subjected to death threats.

Jamie went on to say that he "loved" his daughter, as he does the rest of his kids, but it's "our business." Spears said, "it's private." Interestingly, many public figures have signed the petition to free Britney, including Miley Cyrus , Ruby Rose, Paris Hilton, Rose McGowan, and Ariel Winter.

Fans of Britney know her behavior first came under the microscope in 2004, when she got married to a childhood friend, but then annulled the marriage 55 hours later because she "lacked understanding of her actions."

In 2006, things really went downhill when she got married to Kevin Federline and she gave birth to their son, Sean. Child Services had been checking in on the child after it was reported the baby had fallen out of its high chair.


Moreover, Britney came under fire for driving with the baby in her lap rather than in the car seat.

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