Katy Perry Claimed That The Eye-Glitch That Made The Rounds Was An Act

Katy Perry claims that the disturbing eye malfunction during her Las Vegas concert was […]

Posted on Oct 28, 2022 11:06 AM

Since They Began Dating In 2016, Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom's Relationship Has Been Fraught With Difficulties

After a long relationship, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had their kid in August […]

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Katy Perry's Last Las Vegas Performance Was Marred By A Strained Right Eye

Fans were concerned that the pop sensation Katy Perry might truly be a robot […]

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Where We Started Music Video Features Katy Perry And Thomas Rhett's Reflective Look Back At Their Individual Journeys

Once again teaming up, Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry have released a music video […]

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Katy Perry thanks Orlando Bloom for help in difficult times

Katy Perry thanks Orlando Bloom for help in difficult times. Katy Perry's decision to […]

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Why Katy Perry thinks her breakup year with Orlando Bloom is the worst and most beautiful at the same time

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom began dating in 2016. They were first spotted together […]

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Katy Perry, in a Mermaid Costume, could not hold on to a chair and fell in front of the Audience

In everyday life, Katy Perry dresses quite simply. A celebrity can be seen in […]

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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Got Married In Secret? - Bobby Bones Reveals He Wasn't Invited!

Have Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom tied the knot in private? While the famous […]

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Are Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Having Another Baby? Is Katy Perry Pregnant?

Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom having another baby? Is Katy Perry pregnant? That's […]

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Miranda Kerr Says She's Really Happy For Ex-Husband Orlando Bloom For Having Found Katy Perry - Here's Why!

During a new interview, the model opened up about her relationship with her ex's […]

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