Britney Spears Asks Fans On Instagram To Teach Her How To Lie But It Just Confuses Fans

Britney Spears Asks Fans On Instagram To Teach Her How To Lie But It Just Confuses Fans
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Britney Spears recently gained back her freedom from 13 years of conservatorship and fans have been incredibly happy for her. But while fans have been loving watching her be a free woman, some of her actions have deeply worried her fans because of how severe they call for attention.

Fans have been noticing and calling out Britney for posting images and videos which promote animal abuse. This has led to many fans being worried about her. Amid her posting, she also recently posted a heartfelt message to her fans asking them to teach her how to lie.

Britney posted some text on her social media that talked about upper-world crime. The caption of the post said, “Ok so maybe we’re talking about higher intellectual candidates that have whatever it might be … power, money, or fame !!! I’m not sure I’ve ever taken ADVANTAGE of playing this game … I mean just this year at 40 I can buy Tylenol and own my own money … but it’s eye-opening to see what people can do … my family owned my estate for years … they owned my name, my star, my money, and guess what ??? It gave them LOTS of power … anyway, since it’s been over I have to RELEARN how to live my life … it’s cool, but my mind used to be limited in my way of thinking cause of all the rules … but now with it OPEN I can see people every day of my life doing exactly what the paragraph above says !!!” Fans were conflicted about whether they should show support or not.

Britney also recently posted a series of pictures including images of Jimmy Carter, who was a US President. The images also contained some text which said, “You know sometimes in life it’s always good to have one extra eye for a different perspective … either way I respect the game of MINDFULNESS !!! I mean how are your minds today ??? Whatcha thinking ??? Where are you going ??? Whom are you helping ?? Where have you been ??? What’s the scoop ??? Always be engaging !!! WORDS MATTER!!!”

Britney finished off the post with some rude emojis such as a middle finger which left fans incredibly confused. One fan stated, “‘Words matter.’ The irony of Britney telling us words matter, when she posts so many words shaming other women’s bodies.”

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