Matthew Perry Is Single But Refuses To Use Dating Apps To Find The One According To Recent Interview

Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler on the popular sitcom […]

Posted on Nov 2, 2022 10:44 PM

Matthew Perry Opened Up About His Emergency Surgery Just Days Before The ‘Friends’ Reunion

The ‘Friends’ TV show has been a fan favorite for decades. Fans all around […]

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Matthew Perry And Diane Sawyer Chat About Meeting People Online. Stupidity Incarnate

Matthew Perry revealed to Diane Sawyer that he experimented with online dating but quickly […]

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During Filming Of Fools Rush In, Salma Hayek Reportedly Asked Matthew Perry To Spoon Her A Little Bit

The former cast member of Friends, who is now 53 years old and writing […]

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In The Days Leading Up To The Friends Reunion, Matthew Perry Underwent Urgent Surgery

The Friends reunion filming in April last year was delayed because Matthew Perry needed […]

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Matthew Perry Believes His Friends Co-Stars Will Be Uninterested In Reading His Autobiography

Matthew Perry claims that his friends from "Friends" won't be interested in reading his […]

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Years Before The Events Of Friends, Jennifer Aniston Turned Down Matthew Perry's Approaches

During an interview, Matthew Perry admitted that he had a massive crush on Jennifer […]

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The Strange, Angry Sentiments Matthew Perry Has For Keanu Reeves Are Revealed

In his recently published tell-all memoir, Matthew Perry has made a startling revelation regarding […]

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Following A Five-Minute Cardiac Arrest Following Surgery, Matthew Perry Withdrew From Don't Look Up

Due to a health crisis, Matthew Perry could not participate in the production of […]

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After Deciding He Wasn't Worthy Of Being With Julia Roberts, Matthew Perry Says He Ended Their Relationship

Matthew Perry has stated that he ended his relationship with Julia Roberts in the […]

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