After Being Banned For Anti-Semitic Remarks, Kanye West's Twitter Account Seems To Have Been Reinstated

After Being Banned For Anti-Semitic Remarks, Kanye West's Twitter Account Seems To Have Been Reinstated
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Shortly after Elon Musk finalized his $44 billion buyout on Thursday, it appears that Kanye West's Twitter page is now again operational.

The rapper's profile, which was banned just this month after he tweeted anti-Semitic sentiments, still displays his previous tweets, all 31.5 million of his followers, and all of the likings that are typical of an active user.

Musk announced the news on Friday via his Twitter account, stating that West, who later adopted his name to Ye, had been returned to Twitter before his acquisition.

According to what he said, I was not consulted and was not informed. In response to our request for comment, Twitter did not respond immediately. Musk, 51 years old, first welcomed West, 45, to Twitter after Instagram banned the rapper's account on October 8 in reaction to disparaging statements about Jewish people.

Shortly after moving to Twitter, West also found himself having his account suspended there after writing that he desired to inflict "death penalty level 3" attacks on Jewish people. Musk continued by asserting that he and West discussed the anti-Semitic post after West's account was disabled. Musk said that the discussion took place after West's account was disabled.

On October 10, Elon Musk tweeted that he had "spoken to you today" and "explained my worries over his recent remark," which he believed "he took to heart." Additionally, West returned to posting on his Instagram account earlier this week.

The Heartless rapper claimed in his latest album that he still loves Ari Emanuel, despite the latter's recent opinion piece in which he argued that companies should sever all links with Kanye West because of the latter's anti-Semitic sentiments. He posted his message on Thursday with the phrase "LOVE SPEECH."

However, after West's hugely contentious post, he has doubled down on it and declared he's not apologetic for his statements while speaking to Piers Morgan last week. West's tweet sparked a great deal of controversy.

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