Days After Criticizing Her Estranged Parents, Britney Spears Deleted Her Instagram Account

Days After Criticizing Her Estranged Parents, Britney Spears Deleted Her Instagram Account
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Just days after blasting her parents, Jamie, 70, and Lynne, 67, for abusing her like an f—king dog throughout her 13 years as their conservator, the singer, now 40, deleted her account on Thursday. You and your family have treated me like garbage, and I don't understand why. Then, on Tuesday, she posted a post that has since been deleted.

She questioned her father's superiority by adding, "What makes you so fuck special???" What the Goddamn hell makes  your other daughters so extraordinarily special that you considered me less favorably than a F king dog???

In addition, Britney asserted Because Jaime always reminded me that I was overweight, I never seemed beautiful or good enough for anyone else.

Her remarks came only one day after she had criticized her mother for allegedly striking her so hard for socializing too night while she minded her two sons. Her mother was supposedly upset that her daughter was neglecting her responsibilities as a mother.

The singer stated in a post that has since been deleted that the first time she was ever physically assaulted was when Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan left her off at her beach house with her children.

She continued by saying, "My mum was minding Jayden and Preston...yes, I partied till like 4 in the morning, and my mom was a Bit ticked!!!! " I stepped in, she glanced at me, and then she punched me so hard that I'll never be able to forget it!!!

After hearing the singer say that a heartfelt apology would certainly offer [her] peace after their falling out, the singer's mother, from whom she had been estranged, attempted to apologize to her daughter in the past.

Britney responded to the family patriarch by telling her to "go f–k herself" before revealing additional details about her trauma before her conservatorship's termination in November 2021. However, this was too little, too late for Britney, who had already moved on from the situation.

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