50 Cent Loses In Da Club Remix Legal Battle With Rick Ross

50 Cent Loses In Da Club Remix Legal Battle With Rick Ross
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Hip-hop fans know 50 Cent and Rick Ross have been feuding with each other for years, both personally and in the courts. For the last five years, 50 Cent and Rick Ross have been embroiled in a legal battle over the use of his song, "In Da Club," from his mixtape, Renzel Remixes.

Reportedly, 50 Cent lost the legal battle because the copyright of the song is owned by the label. 50 Cent continued to fight the battle and tried to appeal the verdict, however, a judge upheld the ruling and Rick Ross was victorious for the second time.

Even though the legal battle has been a professional struggle, Rick Ross took to his social media account this week to celebrate his big win, clearly mocking Curtis Jackson and claiming it was just another loss for his fellow rapper.

Ross shared another post in which he was posing beside a bottle of Bel-Air next to his head. As it was just noted, Rick Ross and 50 Cent have been fighting in the courts now for years.

Earlier this year, Rick Ross commented on his longstanding feud with the Get Rich or Die Tryin ' artist. As it was previously reported, a s*x tape leaked and Curtis Jackson took the blame.

In 2016, a court of law found him responsible for leaking the tape and ordered him to pay $7 million. However, 50 Cent wasn't willing to take the loss lying down, because he sued Ross again for not deposing him properly in the first trial.

50 Cent argued that it was never him to leak the tape, but Rick Ross himself who did it for publicity. In court documents previously uncovered this year, Ross explained how for years, 50 Cent has genuinely not liked him and he doesn't understand why.


In addition to his explanation of what a "beef" was in the hip-hop world, Rick claimed he just wanted to move on with his life and no longer concerns himself with 50 Cent, but Jackson won't move on. In the past, 50 Cent claimed there wasn't one single thing he liked about Rick Ross ' career.

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