50 Cent - Here's Why He Made His 5 Years Long Feud With Randall Emmett Public: How It All Started!

50 Cent - Here's Why He Made His 5 Years Long Feud With Randall Emmett Public: How It All Started!
Credit: Source: theblast.com

The feud of 50 Cent and Randall Emmett is a thing of the past as the rapper made very clear. However, what pushed him to start the bad blood with Lala Kent’s fiancé in the first place?

One insider report explained the origins of their beef, claiming that it was all about a business and a loan Randall took from 50.

The feud seemed like it came out of nowhere however and it quickly escalated, all kinds of meme-worthy content like Randall’s ‘sorry Fofty‘ typo, being released into the world.

With all the screenshots, the T-shirt the rapper made and also the large sum of money Randall wired 50 Cent after his incessant dissing, a lot of people were still not sure where their explosive social media war even came from!

Well, the two co-produced the Starz series Power and the spat started long before Randall and the Vanderpump Rules star got engaged.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘It started about five years ago when Randall asked 50 for a million dollars to start a business. 50 gave him a loan and the deadline kept passing and it frustrated him to see Lala on Vanderpump Rules bragging about taking these lavish trips and private jets when he wasn’t getting paid. Enough was enough so after yet another deadline passed, he decided to let everyone know he wanted his money back.’

As for how 50 decided to made their beef public, it was apparently after the rapper saw a clip in which Lala was bragging about her fiancé gifting her ‘really expensive’ presents.

The outspoken 50 went as far as to call her a ‘hoe’ and she fired back. The rest is history!

But now that he got his money back, the star is totally over the drama with the couple.


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