50 Cent Takes Break From IG After They Remove His Post For 'Bullying'

50 Cent Takes Break From IG After They Remove His Post For 'Bullying'
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Fans of 50 Cent know he is frequently in the headlines for his social media trolling, which sometimes gets him into trouble. For instance, earlier this year, the rapper-turned-actor shared a meme poking fun at Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez's foot-shooting-fiasco.

However, after the Power alum discovered the reports were ostensibly true, the rapper came out to apologize to Megan Thee Stallion. Today, Hot New Hip Hop says Instagram blocked one of the rapper's posts due to allegations of "bullying" and "harassment."

The outlet pointed out how 50 Cent doesn't seem to understand why his post was removed, even though to some, he's considered as one of the biggest bullies on the internet. The rap legend wrote in the caption of his photograph of Instagram's warning, "I don't understand this, why am I getting this?"

The post in question appears to show a woman in a yoga pose while wearing a bathing suit. The rapper went on to say the post was removed for bullying, but for whatever reason, it has remained on his Instagram page.

He finished off his post with "OK, time to take a break from IG." Fans of the rapper know he has already taken breaks from IG before. Rather than posting on his social sharing platform of choice, the rapper will turn to Twitter instead.

Furthermore, Hot New Hip Hop says 50 Cent discovered he had been shadow-banned on the platform after not gaining any new followers for approximately one year.

Earlier this week, the outlet claims, 50 Cent explained how he had been shadow-banned. He added, "I've been stuck at 25 million for a year." As it was noted above, 50 Cent can sometimes admit to wrongdoing when it comes to his online trollery.

Amid Megan Thee Stallion's heartfelt response to the way social media treated her injury earlier this year, 50 Cent dropped an Instagram comment on her page in which he apologized for making fun of her, adding that he didn't even know the reports were true. Curtis Jackson - aka 50 Cent - says he thought they were just rumors.

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