Marquise Jackson Throws His Father 50 Cent Under The Bus In Odd Video

Marquise Jackson Throws His Father 50 Cent Under The Bus In Odd Video
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Do not expect 50 Cent and his son, Marquise Jackson , to spend any holiday together. The pair has been estranged for many years, and this week, Marquise once more threw his father under the bus.

The young man revealed that he is ditching his father from the top 5 greatest rappers of all-time and replacing him with the late Pop Smoke.

50 executive produced Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon for Pop Smoke. Marquise confessed: “I told n***as I was replacing 50 in my top 5 for Pop Smoke. He had both. He could do what 50 do, he sounds like him, and he has melody.”

One follower said: "Yo can you imagine hating someone that looks just like you act just like you and even laugh just like you damn that’s like hating yourself 🤦🏾‍♀️."

Another person claimed: "That’s really his twin . & he actin like that’s not his daddy 😭😂 Every time he is on social media, he bashes him. Gotta be something else you can do with your free time."

This commenter replied: "And why is that? Because he threatens his for years, burned down the house he was sleeping in, and two months ago put a hit out on him asking trav to kill him. Did 50 mention that in his book? This is past funny because he’s far from hurt and was the one that got away from this situation, not the other way around.

A fourth social media user wrote: "Not even funny! As much as he laughs with everybody, I know he’s hurting badly on the inside! Rejection from your own father got to be a different type of hurt!"

This Instagrammer revealed: "I know a lot of people blame 50 for not being there, but we also need to hold his mother accountable..she definitely talked/talks sh*t about his dad in front him..the way she talked about the other son when he wore red bottoms to school was sick 😷 not saying 50 is right, but I understand."

This message read: "Lol, he's just saying this for clout. They are both talented in their own ways. Pop Smoke probably just would've been a better father. 50 so busy apologizing to Meg, he needs to be on the phone trying to reconnect and apologize to his own damn son."

The feud has been going on for a long while.

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