Ralph Macchio Says That He Takes Special Steps To Ensure The Spirit Of Mr. Miyagi Is Present In Cobra Kai

2018 saw the Netflix series Cobra Kai revive The Karate Kid franchise from the […]

Posted on Oct 26, 2022 10:44 PM

Cobra Kai's Ralph Macchio Wants A Prequel Focusing On The Story Of Mr. Miyagi

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The Karate Kid And Cobra Kai Star Ralph Macchio Reveals Whether He Actually Knows Karate In Real Life

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Ralph Macchio Looks Back On Some Of The Most Terrible Karate Kid Sequel Ideas He Received Before Cobra Kai

Ralph Macchio's career first took off way back in 1984 when he played Daniel […]

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Elisabeth Shue Returns To Cobra Kai — Here's What She Had To Say About The Karate Kid Reunion

Cobra Kai Season 3 returned on New Year's Day and Netflix subscribers were certainly […]

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Ralph Macchio Breaks Silence Over Karate Kid And Cobra Kai Costar Rob Garrison’s Death

The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai star Rob Garrison died on Friday at the […]

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Karate Kid And Cobra Kai Actor Rob Garrison Dies At Age 59

Rob Garrison, the actor known for playing Tommy in The Karate Kid franchise, has […]

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