50 Cent Has Some Harsh Words For Kanye West And His Latest Antics

50 Cent Has Some Harsh Words For Kanye West And His Latest Antics

More than a decade ago in 2007, 2 incredibly talented artists, 50 Cent and Kanye West battled it out on the front of album sales for the right to be the most relevant artist of their time and neither of them really lost; both artists ended up becoming household names in the music industry.

Now, many years later, 50 Cent has some pieces of advice for Kanye West, who recently changed his name officially to Ye.

Kanye has been a controversial figure since day 1, but the rapper, producer, and fashion mogul has recently been under a lot of fire from the media and the public, due to some very insensitive anti-Semitic comments that he made. The artist who recently went through a divorce with his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian has been dropped out of his business partnerships with several major brands such as Addidas and Balenciagas.

Things are getting worse for Ye as the word is beginning to spread that Kanye has admitted to admiring Adolf Hitler. The allegation was made during a report by CNN in which "several people," claimed that Kanye had made this comment.

In response to all of this news, 50 Cent recently took to Instagram and said in a since-deleted post, “People are really hurt by this shit. I have seen people in this position because of thing they have did not things they have said. Now you gotta master the art of shutting the f*ck up! No# you gonna make everybody hot. Go cool off!”

50 Cent shared a screenshot just a few hours before the post, which has since been deleted, in which Ye can be seen asking 50 to join him in building a branch of Ye's school; Donda School, in Houston.

50 seemed open to the idea of building a school but he was adamant that Ye needed to cool off and clear his head first.

50 Cent has been known to give his uncensored opinion on his Instagram on all matters that manage to catch his attention and Kanye seems to have made it his mission to catch everybody's attention.

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