50 Cent Finally Speaks Up About Rumors That Jay-Z Had Cautioned Others Against Him

50 Cent Finally Speaks Up About Rumors That Jay-Z Had Cautioned Others Against Him
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Celebrity drama is a fan favorite topic and fans thrive off the news of every celebrity beef they can find. While some celebrities choose to hide their fights with each other to avoid more problems, some celebrities choose to go public with their fights and cause havoc.

50 Cent is probably one of the biggest artists in the world and has only been rising since the early years of the 2000s. The star has gained every bit of his fame however it seems like other stars have some big issues with him. Jay-Z is also known as one of the most famous rappers in the world.

According to recent news, Young Guru, the longtime engineer of Jay-Z, had been warning people of 50 Cent for a long time. Young Guru said, “There’s a point where Jay walks in the studio, and it just so happened that everybody was in the studio. I think we were working on ‘The Blueprint 2’. And Jay walked into the studio, he said it before, but I’m telling you how impactful it was. He walked in the studio, and he was like, ‘Yo, this dude 50, y’all gonna have to deal with him in the next couple months. He said to the whole crew, ‘You have to deal with him.”

50 Cent has finally addressed the rumors thrown around and shared a clip of Guru retelling the story. He said, “I just need somebody to compete with. It makes me find a way, Jay knows I will always find a way.”

Guru has also praised 50 Cent for his hook writing as he claimed he was the best in the game. He stated, “ This dude said, ‘I know you don’t love me ’cause you ain’t the same when JAY-Z ’s around,’ I said, ‘Bleek! That’s our hook! How did we not say that?’ That is a Bleek hook. How did we not say that? I’m looking like, ‘Yo, this dude is too good. I love Fif, but Jay acknowledged it earlier. He was like, ‘Y’all gonna have to deal with this dude. He’s coming.’”

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