Nene Leakes Explains How Differently She Has Been Treated Than Her White Counterparts

Nene Leakes Explains How Differently She Has Been Treated Than Her White Counterparts
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Nene Leakes has been the center of controversy both on camera and off these past few seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta. It seems that she may be being reprimanded for some of her actions so she took to social media to call out the hypocrisy that she is facing.

The ladies from other franchises have been getting physical with each other in violent ways for multiple seasons. Ponytail pulls, table flips, and even pushing Housewives head honcho Andy Cohen.

However, it seems that all is forgiven when it comes to her white counterparts who come back season after season. Whereas, Nene's moment where she tore a cameraman's shirt has been brought up more than once.


While she continues to negotiate her contract, Nene took to Instagram Live to tell fans it's not her who is the problem -- it's the network.

'I’m still in a holding pattern. Let me start there — and I also wanna be able to say that it’s not me; it’s them. Every single season when it ends, for at least the last 3 or 4 seasons, I have been dealing with this. Going back forth — it’s not me, it’s them. I know a lot of people think it’s me. NeNe holds out to the last minute. NeNe is holding out. That is not NeNe. NeNe is not doing that. A negotiation does take time. I can’t move their pens any faster then they move them themselves. I can’t make their emails work. Another thing that I know was addressed was I was told that I hit one of the producers and they could’ve prosecuted me for that if they wanted to. They showed the tape to everybody who was watching. I never hit any producer. It was my camera guy. I grabbed his t-shirt, and his t-shirt tore. So I think everybody knows that.'


She went on to say that they had a problem with her leaving the reunion whereas when Kim Zolciak quit the show in the middle of filming -- she got her own spin-off!

She also discussed the time that Teresa Giudice pushed Andy down at the reunion.

Leakes followed up her read about Bravo with receipts of the white women of other franchises behaving badly but being asked back ever season.

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  • Idele m dawson
    Idele m dawson Aug 2, 2020 11:08 AM PDT

    I'm not crazy about Nene, but she does have a valid point. It doesn't matter to you like her or not. Its about her being treated fairly, n really her and Porcha is the only 2 with a storyline, and the others make storylines off of Nene, bc their fake lives are boring n the so called sistethood at real

    • Moosefacenene
      Moosefacenene Aug 2, 2020 3:54 PM PDT

      So now she not being treated fairly when she was cashing those checks it was all good Nene is a nobody before the show and she's a nobody after they didn't renew her contact it their decision she forgot there's other BLK women on the show and where's their claims of unfair treatment it just her thinking bravo owes her Nene is a cast member not the owner of bravo she will never. In her life make the salary they were paying her to act a fool on television she needed to go. The end she so uneducated to the point that other producers etc will never work with a trouble maker these race claims are crazy she bitter no more high lifestyle for Nene go back to slimt pool moose

  • Angie Williamson
    Angie Williamson Aug 1, 2020 5:39 PM PDT

    NeNe has always been a trouble maker and she isn't even all that talented. She is crass and rude and completely unreasonable in certain situations. I for one can't stand the woman. Fire her and get it over with already, it's been in the works for years!!! She really wouldn't be that missed!!! Not say like Stassi. She should have never been fired. Cristen shouldn't have been fired either. What they did was not put their hands on anyone. They apologized for what they did. All NeNe does is try to justify why she did it. Every time she flips a cog, she justifies it, or tries real hard to anyhow. Let her go, she isn't worth it.

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