Rick Ross Slams Terry Crews In New Song -- Actor Responds

Rick Ross Slams Terry Crews In New Song -- Actor Responds
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For the past few weeks, Terry Crews has been making some statements that had fans shocked. Rick Ross has decided to address it in his own way -- through song.

During his Verzuz battle with 2 Chainz , the boss played a new song in which he addresses the White Chicks star.

Some of the lyrics of the new snippet from Pinned To The Cross read: 'Terry Crews is another c**n who was basically bought.'

This comes after Terry attempted to make his own acronym for the word by tweeting: 'Conquer our own negativity.'

This isn't the first time Rick Ross got honest about the way he felt about Crews.

In an interview with Hot 97, he explained: 'When s**t goes down, ain’t no time to explain yourself. You’re either running with us or running from us. That’s what it’s all about. F**k Terry Crews.'

When a fan asked how Terry feels about being mentioned in the song, he simply responded with 'FAMOUS.'

This comes after Crews has been spreading his controversial rhetoric that the times we are living in is creating Black supremacy.

He explained his viewpoint on The View when he told hosts: 'We have people who have decided who is going to be Black and who’s not. And I simply because I have a mixed-race wife (Rebecca King-Crews), have been discounted from the conversation a lot of the time, by very, very militant movements, the Black power movement. I’ve been called all kinds of things, like an Uncle Tom, simply because I’m successful, simply because I’ve worked my way out of Flint, Michigan.'

He's been called out by many other celebrities who have tried to explain to him why his words can be dangerous.

His former co-worker, Gabrielle Union , recently gave her thoughts on Terry's character on Jemele Hill's podcast.


'I think Terry is showing us who he is, and what he does during times of adversity, and it’s not solidarity.'

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