RHOP: Ashley Darby Slams Candiace Dillard For Taking Things Too Far!

RHOP: Ashley Darby Slams Candiace Dillard For Taking Things Too Far!
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Ashley Darby and Monique Samuels have grown close since Ashley gave birth to her first child but even closer after this season's most talked-about moment on an upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Potomac . Darby could relate to being in Monique's position due to her experience with Candiace Dillard last season.

Ashley and Candiace went head to head during the last installment of RHOP to the point where Dillard picked up her butter knife and told Ashley to leave her home.

The mother of one personally knows what it's like to feud with Candiace even though she's the one who introduced the Howard alum to the group.

This is why she chose to rally around Monique after Samuels got physical with Dillard during a heated argument instead of icing her out like some of the other women did.

She talked about her decision to Daily Mail Australia.

'I've always made it clear to Monique that I really value the woman that she is. We've had some issues in our friendship in the past, but when the time was really rough for me Monique was always there for me. So, during that difficult time, even now, I have her back 100 per cent because she really showed her loyalty to me so I'm reciprocating that and I am 100 percent loyal to Monique. Candiace is a woman who just doesn't necessarily know when to stop. I'm not just talking in relation to what happens in the show. But also sometimes she can be persistent on social media. She doesn't really have the instincts of when enough is enough and it can be overwhelming for anybody.'

She went on to talk about Candiace calling her a 'bed wench' among other things when she was giving birth last year.

'She really tested me last year when I was giving birth to my son on a Sunday when the show was airing, and she was just saying these horrible things about me, literally as I'm pushing a human out of my body. Like, you have no decency.'

What do you think about Ashley's perspective?


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