Why Isn't T.I. Supporting Kanye West For The 2020 Presidential Election?

Why Isn't T.I. Supporting Kanye West For The 2020 Presidential Election?
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On his Instagram account this week, the rapper, T.I, celebrated the announcement of Kamala Harris running as Joe Biden 's vice-presidential candidate. Fans of the performing artist know T.I's opinions matter in the hip-hop world.

The rapper, who played a crucial role in the rise of trap music, took to his account today to shout out to Kamala Harris who just revealed she would run alongside Joe Biden this year. "Well played," the rapper wrote in the caption of a photograph of Kamala and Joe together.

T.I. has vehemently voiced his distaste for the president, Donald Trump , a number of times in the past, so it's no surprise the rapper is standing behind Joe and Kamala. Either way, Kamala's run for vice president makes history considering she's the first-ever black woman to do so.

T.I, however, is just one voice in the hip-hop world. Hip-hop fans know Kanye West , for instance, recently launched his own campaign for the 2020 presidency. Earlier this year, Kanye put Biden on blast stating he'd be able to beat the Democrats easily.

Ironically, T.I. and Kanye worked together on the track, "Ye Vs. The People," which was political in nature. As it was noted above, T.I. has been very open about his hatred for the sitting president, but some fans are wondering why he doesn't stand behind Kanye.

Interestingly, the rapper didn't join other industry cohorts in the support of Kanye West following his announcement he would run this year. Kanye took to his Twitter account on the 4th of July weekend to say he would be taking a shot at the seat in the Oval Office.

The response to the news has been mixed, depending on what industry the celebrity is speaking from. For instance, most rappers have come out in support of Kanye West, including YG, French Montana, and DaBaby.

In the film and television business, however, celebs have been a lot more critical. For instance, Jamie Foxx came out not long after Kanye's announcement to refer to him as a "clown." Foxx clearly didn't approve the Yeezy creator's decision to run this year.

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