DaBaby Says He's Definitely Voting For Kanye West In This Year's Election

DaBaby Says He's Definitely Voting For Kanye West In This Year's Election
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Hot New Hip Hop says Kanye West is back on Twitter. The outlet confirmed today that the rapper has been using his social sharing platform once again to drop sneaker silhouettes and previews of his new collaboration with GAP.

Amid his seemingly random tweets, Kanye shouted out to DaBaby , much the same way as he did with Lil' Baby. Kanye wrote on his Twitter account, "Lesssgooo," alongside the next tweet, "DaBaby ad-lib by the way."

It's never certain what Kanye's tweets really mean, which is part of why so many people love to at least try and decipher them. However, DaBaby apparently understood some of it, because he wrote on his account, "But you got me f*cked up you think I ain't voting for Ye."

As it was previously reported, Kanye West announced he was going to run for the presidency back on the 4th of July weekend. The rapper has intentions of removing Donald Trump from his position and casting aside the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

DaBaby, like Kanye, has had an interesting year. He dropped a new record earlier in 2020 and it went to the top of the charts. However, DaBaby has gotten involved with the authorities a number of times over the last year and a half, prompting his comments on police brutality.

Amid the Black Lives Matter protests, DaBaby initially stayed silent on the matter. However, once the hype died down and celebrities and entertainers stopped posting about it as much, DaBaby took to his platform to share his thoughts.

The rapper commented on the way in which some entertainers and celebrities simply use political issues as a way of getting press and clout. DaBaby claims he has encountered his own issues with the police in the past, arguing that until someone endures police brutality, their opinion doesn't mean much to him.


The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the murder of Breonna Taylor at the hands of police were what led to DaBaby's after-the-fact tweets. As it was noted above, DaBaby has had run-ins with the law repeatedly, including when he was charged with assaulting a concert promoter.

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