Kanye West Says Once Again That He'll Run For 2024 Presidency

Kanye West Says Once Again That He'll Run For 2024 Presidency
Credit: Source: WMagazine.com

According to a report from TMZ.com, Kanye West revealed he was considering running for the presidency in 2024, after saying on a number of occasions that he would be doing so. The rapper revealed the news on Thursday in New York City, while he sat next to the designer of Yeezys, Steven Smith.

While one might think Kanye would get a great reaction, TMZ reports that the audience's reception to his idea didn't go quite as well as one would think. When the audience laughed at him, Kanye stared back and asked, "what y'all laughing at?"

The rapper joked that by the time 2024 rolls around, he'll have sold so many Yeezys and created so many jobs in the United States that he won't even have to run, he'll "walk." Following his declaration of how easy it would be, the audience reportedly became somewhat silent.

West went on to tell the crowd that celebrities are often afraid of speaking their minds, and that includes himself. Moreover, the rapper stated that following the event, his wife, Kim Kardashian West, would probably tell him he talked too much.

Furthermore, the rapper took a shot at Forbes who didn't want to call him a billionaire. The rapper stated he would change his name to "Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West."

The rapper went on to claim that the real reason Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated is that he wanted to talk about creating jobs and prosperity in the African-American community. Furthermore, West claimed the reason he chooses to say such things out loud is that he doesn't want to be killed.

As it was previously reported earlier today, Kanye, while at the same function, also urged black Americans to not vote for Democrats, which they statistically do.

Earlier in the week, the rapper was in the headlines again for saying that Democrats implicitly supported the death of black children through abortion programs. Furthermore, last year, the rapper stirred up more controversy for becoming outspoken again in his support of the president, Donald Trump.

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