Jamie Foxx Slams 'Clown' Kanye West Over Plans To Run For President

Jamie Foxx Slams 'Clown' Kanye West Over Plans To Run For President
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Jamie Foxx did not hesitate to throw some shade at Kanye West for announcing his plans to run for president this fall even though he is a fan of his music! Leaving that behind, the actor could not help but agree that Ye is a 'clown' and make it clear that he doesn't have time for his 'bulls**t.'

As you know, Kanye took to social media on the Fourth of July to announce that he is planning to be the next POTUS .

Many were quick to drag and mock him for this and it looks like Jamie Foxx feels the same type of disdain for the other man.

The actor actually shared his opinion on this in the comment section of a post by ex NBA player, Stephen Jackson, who also just so happens to be a pretty close pal of the late George Floyd.

Because of that, Stephen has been one of the main leaders of the new Black Lives Matter movement and protests happening all over the world.

It all started with Stephen posting a pic of Kanye and the current POTUS, Donald Trump, hugging, and in the caption, he called the situation ‘clown s**t.’

The snap shows the famous Trump supporter wearing a red Make America Great Again hat as well, making his allegiance very clear.

He went on to write, ‘Kanye Trump. Fool you once shame on them fool you twice and 2x fool. #justiceforGeorgeFloyd  #justiceforBreonnaTaylor’ and note that there have been many others who have also lost their lives, murdered by police officers.

‘#I’veHadEnough of the clown s**t. Love for all who have love for all. Leader of The New School. Leading with Love. Demanding not asking,’ the former NBA player’s message goes on to read.

As for Foxx’s comment, it reads: ‘Gottdamn right!!! Ain’t got time for the bulls**t!!!’ Obviously, the actor is not happy with Kanye’s plans either!

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