Kanye West Says Wisconsin Democratic Party Hired A Private Investigator To Spy On Him

Kanye West Says Wisconsin Democratic Party Hired A Private Investigator To Spy On Him
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Kanye West has come under fire for his presidential campaign this year on a number of fronts, however, now, he's facing a whole new batch of problems, or so he claims. Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper recently came out to say that a spy for the Wisconsin Democratic Party has been looking into his campaign.

As it was previously reported, Kanye has been accused of fraud this year after it was alleged that he used forged signatures to get on the ballot in a number of states. Moreover, the third-party organization that acquired the signatures forgot to get the addresses for many of the signatures, making them effectively worthless.

Reportedly, Kanye and his team sent the 2,000 signatures to Wisconsin authorities last week, however, they lodged a complaint against him, asking for the performing artist to be taken off the ballot.

TMZ says Kanye responded to this allegation directly, claiming that the Wisconsin Democratic Party hired a spy to try and thwart his campaign. He says the political organization hired an investigator to look into the conduct of his team.

West reportedly referred to it as an "organized effort of harassment and intimidation." Thus far, West has supposedly been removed from the ballot in both New Jersey and in Illinois for fraudulent signatures. With all things considered, the Electoral Commission will look at his application.

As most know, Kanye's foray into the political world has certainly come with its detractors. For instance, when the rapper first announced his intention to run for the seat in the Oval Office, Jamie Foxx - who has criticized the rapper before - referred to him as a "clown" and suggested that people were sick of Kanye's antics.

Rappers, on the other hand, have been a lot more supportive of West's efforts. For instance, YG claimed he would definitely vote for Kanye if he had the chance.

French Montana, as well, explained that he would love to see Kanye run for president. Furthermore, he urged the rapper to use music as part of his campaign.

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