Kanye West Drops Plan To Get On Presidential Ballot In New Jersey

Kanye West Drops Plan To Get On Presidential Ballot In New Jersey
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Kanye West wasn't able to get his name on the presidential ballot in New Jersey. Page Six says Kanye has officially pulled out of his campaign to be on the ballot for this year's presidential election, at least in New Jersey.

The outlet says there exists an email chain between a judge and a person acting as the rapper's representative. Page Six claims Kanye's representative, whose name hasn't been revealed, tells the Administrative Law Judge, Gail Cookson, that they would be disputing the issues raised by the court.

Near the ending of July, Scott Salmon filed a legal complaint agains t the rapper and his team after looking at 1,327 signatures he had used for submission in the independent presidential candidates. Salmon says that 600 of the signatures appeared to be fake.

Salmon, who happens to be a registered Democrat, wrote in the complaint that the petitions aren't valid due to him lacking 800 qualified signatures. More importantly, Salmon says many of them appeared to be written in identical handwriting, and others didn't even have proper addresses.

According to reports, Salmon appeared pleased at the idea that Kanye was unable to get on the ballot. He wrote that he was "glad" his team realized their petition was "deficient," to the point it wasn't even "worth defending."

He went on to say that it never should've been submitted at all. Page Six also says the rapper must get another 197,000 signatures by Friday evening to get on the ballot in the state of California, which has the biggest population in the United States of America.

Forbes Magazine reported this week that if the rapper is unable to get on the ballot in California, it will be impossible for him to win the presidency this year. Kanye has reportedly already given up 225 Electoral College votes on account of missing key dates and deadlines.

Thus far, the rapper has managed to get on the ballot in Missouri, Illinois, as well as Oklahoma. The rapper has his sights set on West Virginia as well as Ohio. As it was previously reported, he first claimed he was going to run on the 4th of July. He claimed his party was the "birthday party," because if he won, it was going to be "everybody's birthday."

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