YG Says He'll Vote For Kanye West Without A Doubt If Kanye Runs For 2020 Election

YG Says He'll Vote For Kanye West Without A Doubt If Kanye Runs For 2020 Election
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The rapper, YG, will definitely be voting for Kanye West this year if the Ye artist manages to get his name in the presidential race. Kanye made his way into the headlines once again when he announced he was going to run for the position in the Oval Office this past week.

Hot New Hip Hop reported, however, that the rapper hasn't even registered as a candidate, which means the performing artist's words were just that - words.

Even though it appears that Kanye's promise was empty, fans online have been speculating on what it would be like if Kanye ran for the position. Many people took issue with the idea, considering the rapper's reported mental health issues, while others have publicly stated it would be a great idea.

One such individual is YG, who claimed he would definitely vote for Kanye if given the opportunity. During his appearence on Real 92.3, with the hosts Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed, the performing artist publicly voiced his support for the controversial artist.

YG said he was more than willing to go to the ballot box to vote for Kanye, however, he would rather see him do right by his people in other ways in the meantime. When told that Kanye wouldn't be able to run in several states, YG claimed, "it's all cap."

Put simply, if Kanye isn't officially on the ballot, then he simply has no choice but to vote for a different candidate. It looks like Kanye West will have to wait another four years to finally get his name in the race. As most know, this won't be the first time that he has said he would run.

Ever since Donald Trump became the president of the United States, it's become a running joke of sorts for other celebrities to say they would also run for the position. For instance, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Kevin Hart have joked about the possibility before.


Other social media users have suggested that Oprah Winfrey would be great in the position.

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