Angelina Jolie Asks To Switch Judges Amid Her Custody Battle With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Asks To Switch Judges Amid Her Custody Battle With Brad Pitt
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A new report from Page Six suggested today that Angelina Jolie , the Wanted alum, asked to have the private judge removed from her child custody case against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Jolie wants Judge John W. Ouderkirk removed from the bench due to his relationship with Pitt's attorney. The actress and her attorney argued that Ouderkirk should've been more upfront with the fact he handled cases involving Brad's lawyer, Anne C. Kiley.

The court documents show that Jolie and her lawyer take particular issue with the fact the judge and Pitt's attorney have worked together a number of times in the past. Put simply, Jolie's team thinks there may be a client-customer bias between the judge and Brad's lawyer.

Sources who spoke with Page Six, however, claimed it's merely a stalling tactic brought forth by Jolie's team due to the fact things aren't going well for her at the moment. Jolie has asked for additional child support.

Insiders claimed Jolie has every right to ask for the removal of the judge, however, if things were really going well for her in the court battle, she wouldn't feel the need to change judges. The source compared her tactic to a sports game in which the losers ask for a new referee at the last minute because they fear they're about to lose.

Clearly exasperated with the amount of time it has taken to get through the dispute, the source said the "divorce has been going on for four years, for goodness sake."

Jolie and Pitt were, at one point, one of the most celebrated couples in the entertainment industry until their divorce in 2016. Together for 12 years, they got married in 2014 until their split two years later. 

It was easily one of the biggest celebrity divorces of 2016. Last year, it was reported that Jolie and Pitt were officially declared as single, in legal jargon, a bifurcated judgment.

This meant they were declared as separate from each other legally but their custody and legal issues remained unresolved. Pitt and Jolie share a number of adopted children together. Their kids have been at the center of their legal battle.

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