Kanye West Says He ‘Misses’ His ‘Bro’ Jay Z In New Post

Kanye West Says He ‘Misses’ His ‘Bro’ Jay Z In New Post
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Kanye West misses his former best friend, Jay Z ! The rapper took to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, to post one of their joint throwback performances, suggesting that he was reminiscing to the good old days!

As fans know, the two rappers had a huge fallout and have not been the closest in the last couple of years but his tweet managed to give at least some of his followers the hope that they might just reunite!

After all, Kanye West mentioned that he ‘misses [his] bro’ a lot these days, so, who knows? Maybe Jay Z feels the same?

Their drama started back in 2015 but lately, Kanye West has been suggesting that he wants them to reconcile and fix their past friendship, in spite of all of their differences that continue to stand between them.

While Jay Z hasn’t made it seem like he wants the same thing, many can’t help but hold onto the hope that the rapper duo will be friends again one day.

It all started with a fan account tweeting Kanye, Jay Z and HOVA’s performance of Otis at the MTV VMA’s in 2011 with the caption: ‘Run up on Yeezy the wrong way, I might murk ya,’ which is a line from the song.

Then, Kanye retweeted it, and also wrote: ‘Miss my bro…real talk.’

This is not the first time Kanye suggests that he is ready to mend his relationship with Jay Z but nothing has changed yet, which might just mean that the latter is not on the same page.

Things really became strained a few years ago when Kanye shockingly started ranting on stage that he was afraid Jay Z was planning to send killers to murder him.

‘Call me, bruh! You still ain’t calling me! JAY-Z, call me! Aye, bruh, I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head! Just call me! Talk to me like a man!’ he addressed the other rapper in front of his own crowd.

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