CeeLo Green Addresses His Remarks About Women In The Hip-Hop Industry

CeeLo Green Addresses His Remarks About Women In The Hip-Hop Industry
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You may recall that CeeLo Green caused some noise when he talked about the women in the hip hop industry. Now, The Shade Room reveals that he has something more to say.

TSR reveals that after he received intense backlash, CeeLo has now offered clarification and an apology.

'CeeLo Green, while promoting his new project, stated his opinions on the current state of women in the music industry. He labeled them as “shameless” and desperate”—and as expected, the backlash was immediate,' TSR noted.

Now, he hopped on Instagram and wants to set the record straight on what he actually meant.

CeeLo posted the following: 'There seems to be a misunderstanding with a quote taken from an interview I did a few days ago while promoting my new project. …I’m an advocate of artistic freedom and expression. I would never disrespect [female artists] by any means. I acknowledge them all as powerful, beautiful, and influential women…and professionals.'

He continued, and added: 'I wholeheartedly apologize to each of them.'

Someone said: 'How u support everybody but call them shameless and desperate,' and one other follower said: 'This is what happens when people pull your card😂😂😂 make sure your clean first.'

A commenter posted this: 'Ummm men be so quick to speak about what women say but won’t hold their male counterparts to the same standard. Make it make sense.'

A follower said: 'You said what you said...stand on it...whatever happened to his lil case?' and one other follower said: 'Changed his mouth QUICK when that backlash started hitting 🙄.'

Someone else asked: 'Why do people speak before they think? He meant what he said. He needs to concentrate on himself.'

A commenter said: 'Now he tryna change up...I don’t get why dudes mad at the song when the rap we enjoy & listen to by dudes say that & worse,' and someone else posted this: 'I'm so tired of people apologizing for stand by what you say damn!'

A follower wrote: 'Lmao he caught so much backlash he had to switch it up expeditiously.'

What do you think about all this?

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