Sharon Osbourne Says She And Husband Ozzy Have Been Victims Of Credit Card Fraud

Sharon Osbourne Says She And Husband Ozzy Have Been Victims Of Credit Card Fraud
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Sharon Osbourne , while on The Talk , shared the story of the time she and her rocker husband, Ozzy Osbourne , were the victims of credit card fraud, Page Six reported today. Sharon claims she and her husband purchased a gift for their daughter, Kelly, for her 36th birthday and the store clerk rang up many different charges they hadn't approved.

The 68-year-old claims she was told that her card didn't go through, so they asked her if she had another card. Sharon claims they kept asking and she kept telling them to put it through again and again until it finally worked.

The media mogul went on to say that she gave her husband's credit card as well, only to find out later that both of their cards had been completely maxed out to the limit. She says she called their credit card company and they told her both of their cards had been completely maxed out.

Sharon says she didn't even go to either of the stores that were on the balance. Eve then asked her if it was fraud or not, and Osbourne responded, "Ya!" Sheryl Underwood claimed it must've been a lot of money because both she and Ozzy have massive credit lines.

Osbourne never revealed what store had defrauded them, Page Six reported. Obviously, Ozzy and Sharon are a great target for fraud considering how successful they both are in their respective careers.

For instance, Ozzy Osbourne is one of the best selling hard rock and metal artists of all time and has been successful in numerous bands, including Black Sabbath , in addition to his own solo career.

Moreover, Ozzy and Sharon created OzzFest, which was one of the biggest heavy metal festivals. Sharon has also been a star on The Talk for many years, where she regularly comments on her life with Ozzy and other controversial issues.


Ozzy and Sharon have also been partially credited for the popularization of the reality TV series format - alongside The Real World and Survivor - after their series, The Osbournes premiered on MTV in 2005.

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