Ozzy Osbourne Says He Won't Retire Until He's Dead

Ozzy Osbourne Says He Won't Retire Until He's Dead
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During a new conversation with reporters from The Mirror, Ozzy Osbourne said he wouldn't retire until he passes away. Fans of the Black Sabbath frontman know he has struggled for years with health problems, including his recent Parkinson's disease diagnosis.

When speaking with The Mirror, the Black Sabbath frontman claimed he wouldn't stop performing until they "nail a lid on my box." As it was previously reported, Ozzy announced at the start of the year that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Moreover, the iconic Prince of Darkness had a series of operations over the last year and a half after he fell and hurt his back. However, the iconic rocker is showing no signs of slowing down. Ozzy said to the reporters that he'll continue until he's dead, and after he dies, he'll do an encore.

Osbourne went on to describe his love of performing, saying that it's a "better feeling than orgasm." He suggested it's the best feeling he has ever had in his life and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

The iconic rocker claims he feels honored to know many of his fans still want to see him perform. Furthermore, Ozzy claimed his Parkinson's diagnosis is just another thing he has to worry about in the meantime, but he isn't all that concerned about it.

Earlier this year, the 71-year-old performer claimed he thought he was going to die on account of a spinal surgery he had received in 2019. When speaking with Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM show, he claimed he wasn't back to 100%, but he was slowly getting better.

Osbourne described his spinal surgery as "bad news," and the pain has been tremendous, so much to the point that he thought he was inches away from death. Even though his health appears to be deteriorating, fans of Osbourne can celebrate the fact the rocker released his latest record, Ordinary Man , his 12th solo record, at the start of the month.

Ozzy has been a rock icon for decades, first becoming famous in the legendary band, Black Sabbath, which played a fundamental role in the rise of heavy metal music.

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