NBC Hardly Broadcast Ozzy Osbourne's Halftime Performance

NBC Hardly Broadcast Ozzy Osbourne's Halftime Performance
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After NBC hardly broadcast Ozzy Osbourne 's NFL halftime concert on Thursday, viewers were left baffled.

The 73-year-old musician was performing a brand-new song from his most recent album, Patient Number 9 when sportscaster Maria Taylor gave the performance her opening remarks. Prior to returning to Taylor and her coworkers, the network briefly showed Osbourne performing on stage for 10 seconds.

While sportscasters reviewed the Los Angeles Rams vs. Buffalo Bills game, the former leader of Black Sabbath sang his popular song "Crazy Train" in fan videos that are spreading the internet.

One Twitter user referred to the decision as "puzzling," adding, "NBC assuming we'd rather hear a 1st half report than Ozzy Osbourne's performance."

Others referred to it as rubbish and obscene. As per usual, NBC manages to f-up a sports show, another fan commented. Is Ozzy Osbourne on stage? Let's shout about what we just saw on-air with our on-screen celebrities.
Osbourne appeared on stage for the second time after his life-changing operation in June during the concert.

The Grammy winner openly admitted that his health has "better" since the treatment in a rare interview on Good Morning America. The Grammy winner previously performed at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in August.
He claimed to be in good health on Wednesday. "I have to haggle everywhere I want to go, and I tyre fast," he remarked. While I've been ill, my family has been incredibly amazing. Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy's wife, mockingly called him a pain in the butt.

The couple announced their intention to return to the United Kingdom last month, stressing that their choice was unrelated to the musician's health issues. In a Bloomberg interview with the Observer, the two mentioned the f-king outrageous gun violence, with Ozzy stating, "I do not wish to die in America."

He said, "I don't want to be buried in f-king Forest Lawn." Ich bin English. I intend to return. According to the source, the 1982 newlyweds will relocate to their 120-year-old home, Welders House, in Buckinghamshire.

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