Sharon Osbourne Addresses What Led To Her Trying To Take Her Own Life In 2016

Sharon Osbourne Addresses What Led To Her Trying To Take Her Own Life In 2016
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Amid World Mental Health Day, Sharon Osbourne , a regular on the popular daytime television series, The Talk , touched on her own experiences with depression and anxiety. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an episode this week in which Sharon talked about her 2016 suicide attempt.

Osbourne said that around four years ago, she was finding her life very difficult and after being on medication for 28 years, she tried to take her own life. But it wasn't just for attention, the media personality explained. Osbourne said she just couldn't "bear it."

She later checked herself into a mental wellness facility where she ran into two other women who inspired her to keep going. The star said the two girls weren't even related to each other, it's just that their mothers had killed themselves and she saw the effect it had on them.

Osbourne went on to say that it affected the two young girls horribly. She said they would hardly cope with their lives, and Sharon asked herself if she was going to do that to her family. "Look at these two girls, If I try this again, this could be my kids," Osbourne remarked.

As most know, Sharon is currently married to the frontman of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne . She's 68-years-old and has been a public figure ever since she starred on the reality TV series, The Osbournes , which was airing at the height of the MTV era.

Interestingly, the Osbournes have been at the front and center of many movements and cultural trends since they became famous.

For instance, Ozzy played a crucial role in the formation of heavy metal in the 1970s; Sharon and Ozzy later started Ozzfest which was a very successful music festival, and then they had their own reality TV series which helped kickstart the genre.

These days, reality television shows are one of the most popular types of television, with networks producing tons of shows every year based on a number of different formats, from singing and dancing competitions to drug abusers, getting over their addictions.

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