Mindy Kaling Admits She Was A Bit Frightened Of Being Pregnant Amid The Pandemic

Mindy Kaling Admits She Was A Bit Frightened Of Being Pregnant Amid The Pandemic
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Entertainment Tonight reported on comments from Mindy Kaling this week in which the star reflected on becoming pregnant amid the coronavirus pandemic, which to her, was incredibly scary. ET says the star took a moment of her time on Friday night to thank all of her fans and followers for their "kind words" amid her good news.

The star announced she had her second child, however, she admitted to her following that it was a bit scary at times. Mindy said in the post, "being pregnant during the pandemic was a little scary."

However, she says she really learned to appreciate her doctors, nurses, and the other medical professionals who put their lives on the line to help out people in need. Kaling went on to say that her son, Spencer, is doing well and his sister loves him (and his toys).

Some of her entertainment industry cohorts shouted out to her including people like Angela Kinsey, Lena Dunham , Niecy Nash, Mandy Moore, and more. Moreover, on her Instagram Story, The Office alum shared that she was now in the two-children club.

Fans of Kaling know she announced the great news amid her appearence on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday night. Amid her conversation with Stephen, Kaling said she had just given birth to her baby boy on the 3rd of September.

Thus far, it's not really clear who the father is, but she had previously touched on the idea of growing her family in the book she recently released, Nothing Like I Imagined. While she loves her family and loves talking about them, Kaling said she won't talk to her kids about their father until they're old enough.

She hasn't told her daughter about it, Kaling explained, so she won't be telling the public about it either. Kaling says her kids are her priority, and she intends on keeping it quiet in the public sphere at least until her kids know.

Kaling says people are often surprised when she doesn't talk much about her personal life, particularly related to her children, considering she is so open and honest on her social media accounts.

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