People Are Annoyed That Celebrities Like Cardi B, Tyga, Tyler Posey, And More Are Starting Onlyfans Accounts

People Are Annoyed That Celebrities Like Cardi B, Tyga, Tyler Posey, And More Are Starting Onlyfans Accounts
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OnlyFans was once a place where smaller influencers and sex workers were able to have their fans subscribe to their content in one place. Now, the platform is full of celebrities who frankly don't need the money and are pulling the attention away from the original userbase.

Cardi B was one of the first major celebrities to join the content sharing service. Other stars like Tyler Posey, Tyga , and Bella Thorne can also be found on the app.

Since Bella's controversy in which she 'tricked' users by making them believe that she was uploading nude photos and videos -- a lot has changed.

There has been a cap on the amount a person can tip in addition to the payment schedule that is believed to have been caused due to the overwhelming amount of refunds demanded by customers who felt lied to by the actress.

However, the company says that Thorne's actions had nothing to do with that.

Every time another big name decides to create a profile, normal people who use the website to pay their bills take to social media to express their feelings about people who already have millions of followers taking the attention away from smaller creators.

' Just like yall love to keep reminding me: Onlyfans is not just for sex work. You can do whatever you want on there. So the fact that these celebrities keep playing around with sex work for engagement is what irks me,' tweeted one social media user.

' celebrities making onlyfans for fun meanwhile i made mine to be able to afford my bills and groceries during this pandemic. the privilege,' added another.

' Can celebrities stop f***** making OnlyFans for fun.. you’re all so privileged and greedy leave that for people that NEED IT. It’s not your toy to play with,' wrote one heated user.

This person stated: ' celebrities need to stop making onlyfans . especially the ones who scam their audience and make it harder for ACTUAL content creators to keep their platform.'

Maybe, there should be a different platform similar to Onlyfans that is for people above a certain status.

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