Safaree Reveals His New Daddy Quarantine Life

Safaree Reveals His New Daddy Quarantine Life
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Safaree is at home these days just like most of the people, and he's been keeping fans updated on his social media account with various pics and videos about his quarantine activity. He also highlighted what this everyday life consists of while at home.

Check out his photo in the backyard and the message he had for his fans.

'My life consists of Fitness Family onlyfans 😂 and working on my future endeavors. We have something special coming on the way, stay tuned‼️ 💪🏾 hit up @confusedmuscles for 1 of these tops 💪🏾💪🏾 click the link in my bio,' Safaree told his fans.

Someone was really curious about Safaree's meal and asked: 'Is that cornmeal porridge? @safaree,' and Erica Mena's hubby responded with 'yes.'

Another fan noted that 'Tank top makes you stronger 💪🏾' and someone else also had a comment about the food: 'You and Erica are motivating me to get on that fitness life! Is that oatmeal?'

One follower believes that this food is not what Safaree should be eating and said: 'Erica ain’t feeding you right @safaree.'

Someone else wrote: 'Wonders why celebs only respond to negativity. Hey @safaree @iamerica_mena God bless both of you.🙏🏽 And the beautiful baby, we have yet to see.'

One other follower said: 'That's that new daddy life got you lookin' rough but happy at the same time if that makes any sense. My husband had that same look 2 1/2 yrs ago lol... @safaree.'

Another fan gushed over Safaree and Erica as a couple: 'You and miss Mena are awsome together keep up good work Safaree.'

Safaree might have shocked some fans when he revealed not too long ago that he created an OnlyFans page .

When Safaree revealed it, some of his followers were upset and said that he’s a married man, and he shouldn’t be doing this.

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