Bella Thorne Accused Of Being A Scam Artist After Her Reported $2 Million Week On OnlyFans

Bella Thorne Accused Of Being A Scam Artist After Her Reported $2 Million Week On OnlyFans
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Fans of Bella Thorne reportedly aren't happy with her, the New York Post revealed today. After the actress publicly bragged about earning $1 million in just one day on OnlyFans, and then another $1 million the following day, fans of the actress came out to accuse her of being a scammer.

Reportedly, her OnlyFans subscribers were led to believe they'd receive nude photos of the actress, but her pictures failed to deliver. The bait and switch sparked the ire of many of her subscribers and fans, who demanded refunds and "chargebacks."

In recent news, Bella Thorne took to her Twitter account to say she wouldn't be "doing nudity." Furthermore, a recent policy change shows that tips are now capped at $100, and a one-time viewing fee can't exceed $50.

One content creator says they weren't told about the change, it simply happened overnight. Moreover, creators are concerned they'll have to wait a full thirty days to receive their money on the app, rather than the usual 7 days.

It's been alleged that Bella Thorne 's purported conduct may have contributed to OnlyFans' decision to make the sudden changes to their platform, but a representative for the organization says this isn't the case.

Fabiana Fox, another OnlyFans creator, says Bella Thorne lied about selling nude photos and it wound up impacting everyone on the platform. Others tried to get Bella Thorne eliminated from OnlyFans through an online petition.

As it was previously reported, Bella Thorne announced she was going to join OnlyFans on the 19th of August. Celebrities such as Cardi B , Blac Chyna, and more, announced they would do the same.

According to the New York Post, another social media user described Bella Thorne's feed as a "complete scam," with much of her posts simply being reposts from her Instagram account.

This all comes after the actress announced she was filming a new documentary about her success on OnlyFans. As most know, the organization has been making waves over the last few months amid the coronavirus pandemic, however, not everyone has had a good experience.


Earlier this year, it was reported that Boosie Badazz had his IG account deleted due to promoting OnlyFans on his Instagram.

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