Bella Thorne And Ex Mod Sun At War Again After She Drops Fake Footage From Their Wedding Ceremony!

Bella Thorne And Ex Mod Sun At War Again After She Drops Fake Footage From Their Wedding Ceremony!
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Bella Thorne and her former boyfriend Mod sun are at it again! The two are having a Twitter war after the man accused the actress of posting fake wedding footage in order to gain more attention for her new book.

But that is not all! Bella was able to prove, via text messages, that she not only asked for her ex’s permission to release the video, but she also got his Okay!

As a result, she felt like she had the absolute right to drag Mod Sun, calling him a liar.

They may have loved each other but nowadays, Bella Thorne and Mod Sun are even far from friendly with one another, as proven by their online war.

It all started with Bella sharing footage from their wedding but she mentioned that the ceremony was indeed not real, something the man denies.

As for the reason why she made it all public, it looks like it was to promote her brand new book, titled The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray.

The book’s description reads that it’s ‘a collection of poems that chronicles her personal struggle, relationships, and wild child lifestyle, all with Bella's trademark wit and wisdom.’

Soon after sharing the footage, Bella’s ex called her out on Twitter, writing: ‘Seriously… not use our wedding video to promote ur book. Do not disrespect my idea of what love is…if u were faking it that day then u are really an amazing actress. Stop being intentionally hurtful to people healing.’

In response, Bella posted screenshots of a variety of texts between them, proving she asked his permission to post the video.

‘After we broke up, U just keep lying and u won’t stop, I was trying to remember how beautiful we were sad. V sad u brought us to this.’

But Mod claimed the texts were from May when they were still trying to work things out and was shocked she did it way later, this month.

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