Milla Jovovich Pregnant With Her Third Baby After Opening Up About Horrific Emergency Abortion

Milla Jovovich Pregnant With Her Third Baby After Opening Up About Horrific Emergency Abortion
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It looks like Milla Jovovich is going to add to the family! The actress took to her IG account on Wednesday to announce that she is expecting her third baby with her hubby Paul W.S. Anderson.

The Hellboy star posted a mirror selfie in which her baby bump was visible under her lacy black dress and captioned it with: ‘Knocked up again.🤫 After I found out thirteen weeks ago, I had a mix of feelings ranging from complete joy to utter terror. Because of my age and also losing the last pregnancy I did not want to get attached to this baby too quickly.’

She went on to open up about it more, saying that ‘that was obviously not fun and the last months have been my family and I just living on pins and needles waiting for different test results to come in, spending most of our time at doctors' offices. Thank goodness we are in the clear AND we found out that we have been blessed with another girl!😆😂Wish me and my baby luck! I send you all much love and I will keep you posted on my progression! Xoxo m❤️.’

As she mentioned in the caption, Milla did open up about her emergency abortion she underwent two years ago.

It was in order to fight against those extremely restrictive abortion laws several states were passing back in May.

The star argued that abortion is already a very difficult thing to go through for women, both emotionally and physically, without forcing them to have it in potentially unsafe conditions if it’s illegal.

Then, she revealed that, a couple of years ago, while filming in Eastern Europe and being four and a half months pregnant she went into pre-term labor.

Milla was told she had to be awake for the emergency abortion and it was one of the most horrible experiences she had ever been through.

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