Cardi B Reportedly Files For Divorce From Offset After Almost 3 Years Of Marriage!

Cardi B Reportedly Files For Divorce From Offset After Almost 3 Years Of Marriage!

According to new reports, Cardi B and Offset are no longer together. In fact, they haven’t just split, or taken a break, as it looks like Cardi has actually filed for divorce!

What happened? After all, the rapper couple even survived his cheating scandal before!

The news of their separation comes after almost three years of marriage since they tied the knot in secret back in 2017.

They also share a daughter named Kulture, together, as fans know all too well.

Hollywood Unlocked was the first to report on their divorce, shocking fans who thought they two were doing great lately.

Apparently, Cardi B was the one to file the divorce papers yesterday, in Georgia, where the two rappers live together.

TMZ also reported that Cardi is seeking a dissolution of marriage and that the filing proves it’s a contested divorce.

Furthermore, the court documents list Cardi as the plaintiff and the Migos rapper is named the defendant.

The documents also state that the female emcee wants primary physical and legal custody of her and Offset’s 2 year old daughter, Kulture.

She is also requesting child support from her estranged husband but at this point in time, it’s still not clear how much she wants.

This comes after the couple threw a lavish birthday party for their daughter’s second and looking at the many clips from the celebration, no one would have guessed that the parents had any marital issues.

But who knows what might have been happening behind closed doors, right?

It’s also possible that Cardi caught Offset cheating on her again since she made it very clear last time that, that was the only chance he would get and that if he ever betrayed her again, she would not forgive him a second time.

At this time, neither Cardi nor Offset have addressed the divorce reports publicly.

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  • Lix
    Lix Sep 20, 2020 10:29 AM PDT

    Cardi b is being silly again someone done told her offset is dead weight and she wants power. Alone. Off set is not even the best she could of gotten either. Hes childish. Of course she had to fight over him while married to him ending her self in court i knew then it was over. She has business advisors she listens too cause they helped her get to the top. Offset got fame through her really. He was stupid like most black dudes with. New found money get. You couldnt. Pay a white man to betray her or indian or french. Always chasing money ugggh. Family is what. Omg he already got kids out there cardi bee was taking care of. The amegios dont make much money. Hes a fool

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