Christopher Nolan's Tenet Scores $53 Million After 41 Country Opening

Christopher Nolan's Tenet Scores $53 Million After 41 Country Opening
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The Wrap says that Tenet came out this weekend, from Christopher Nolan , and it earned $53 million in box offices around the world. The outlet claims Warner Brothers' brand new project premiered in 41 countries internationally after weeks of anticipation and postponements.

Reportedly, film industry executives and critics consider Tenet to be a very important film considering it's one of the first major blockbusters to come out following the closure of movie theaters all around the world.

As most know, the coronavirus pandemic took a massive toll on the movie business this year, considering the summertime is the best time for the theaters as a whole.

Even though many theaters have coronavirus restrictions to thwart the spread of the virus, including social distancing regulations, the movie still managed to earn solid numbers in smaller markets. For instance, it earned a $7.1 million opening in the United Kingdom.

Interestingly, the movie still hasn't come out in the United States, Russia, and China, which are some of Hollywood's biggest markets. Put simply, it looks like Christopher Nolan 's brand new movie marks a turning point for the film industry after a devastating summer season.

Thus far, it's been reported that Tenet will likely open on 3,000 different screens across the United States, however, the number may change on account of the unpredictable times we're in.

Furthermore, not every American citizen has allowed for the reopening of movie theaters as well, including states like New York and California. Movie cities such as Seattle and Miami haven't been given the go-ahead either.

The Warner Brothers' chairman, Toby Emmerich, released a statement in which he claimed the studio was "pleased" because of the great start in foreign markets.

According to The Wrap, Tenet features John David Washington , the son of Denzel Washington, as a CIA agent who is recruited into an organization slated with the sole purpose of taking down a Russian overlord.

While some critics hated it, thus far, it has an 81% score on Rotten Tomatoes, adding another notch to Nolan's list of critically acclaimed productions.

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