Russell Crowe's New Movie Unhinged Scores Solid Box Office Opening Weekend As First Movie Back In Theaters

Russell Crowe's New Movie Unhinged Scores Solid Box Office Opening Weekend As First Movie Back In Theaters
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With the vast majority of cinemas shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic , studios got a breath of fresh air this week when Russell Crowe 's film, Unhinged , premiered, making it the first movie after the closures earlier this year.

According to a report from Reuters, movie theaters in Georgia, Texas, and Florida, were able to open this weekend with Russell Crowe's thriller, Unhinged , from Solstice Studios.

Reportedly, the movie screened across 1,823 venues in North America, making it the largest opening for a movie since the pandemic first led to the closure of cinemas around the country.

Reuters claims Unhinged managed to make $4 million over the first weekend, which was a strong opening considering the circumstances of the movie industry right now. Even though $4 million is far from being the best opening, a small portion of the theaters are open right now.

Other states such as California, New York, and New Jersey, are still without movie theaters. Reuters also claims that the largest portion of the film's ticket sales came from drive-ins across Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Fransisco, as well as Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas.

The studio has publicly stated that they intend on pushing the movie to another 2,300 studios in North America by the following weekend. As for how the theaters are currently functioning, reports have claimed there are social distancing measures in place, and the number of tickets sold has been limited.

Earlier this year, Russell Crowe was in the headlines when he touched on the effects of tabloid journalism on the traditional media system. Crowe criticized the way in which journalism has evolved over the last decade with the rise of internet bloggers and journalists.

Crowe claimed there is a "hunt-and-kill" mentality among journalists right now and it's not doing anybody "any good." Moreover, Crowe touched on the similar effects of social media, where users are often quick to jump on others without thinking of how their actions affect people.

Similarly, Crowe touched on the fact most readers are quick to jump to conclusions after reading a salacious headline that may not accurately reflect the truth.

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