Robert Pattinson Said He Had To Lie To Christopher Nolan About Batman Audition

Robert Pattinson Said He Had To Lie To Christopher Nolan About Batman Audition
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Robert Pattinson knows that Christopher Nolan is an intense guy. Hot New Hip Hop says that filming for The Batman is currently on pause as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. Likely as a way of keeping himself busy, Robert has been doing more interviews and revealing other stories online.

His most recent story-time session was during an interview with the Irish Times and shared by Entertainment Weekly. These days, Robert is working on the new film from Christopher Nolan, Tenet , starring himself and John David Washington - the son of Denzel Washington.

Reportedly, the casting for Batman was going on at the same time as the filming of Tenet, and Pattinson had to sneak away to audition for the role he eventually secured. Fans of Nolan know he has created some of the biggest films of the last two decades, including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, as well as Batman Begins.

According to Pattinson, Chris is "secretive" about anything in relation to his movies. Robert says he had to lie about auditioning for the Batman by saying he had to "go for a screen test." Robert had to say he had a "family emergency."

The moment he said "family emergency," Nolan responded to him, "you're doing the Batman audition, aren't you?" The actor went on to joke about what a challenge it is to run on set alongside John David Washington, who used to play in the NFL.

He described it as "the most unfair thing in the world." According to the actor, the most he can do it at one time is just a "casual stroll," whereas John David can run for the entire day and it's no big deal. The end result is that he wound up being very fit, but there were definitely days that he couldn't even walk.

As it was previously reported, Pattinson got the role for Batman this past year, however, filming has been delayed due to the new COVID-19 restrictions which put the industry on hold.

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