Fans Believe Chadwick Boseman Hinted At Colon Cancer Struggle In 2017

Fans Believe Chadwick Boseman Hinted At Colon Cancer Struggle In 2017
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Page Six picked up on fans' reaction to a resurfaced 2017 interview with Chadwick Boseman in which the Black Panther star appeared to insinuate he was struggling with cancer. Chadwick died after succumbing to colon cancer at the age of 43.

During a conversation with The Huffington Post, which Matthew Jacobs had re-tweeted in light of his death, Matthew and the Black Panther star touched on his physical transformations between roles like Thurgood Marshall in Marshall and T'Challa in Black Panther.

Jacobs asked the actor about his transition between the roles, noting how difficult that must've been, and the actor, while looking exhausted, nodded his head and said, "yeah, yeah, yeah."

The reporter went on to tell him that he had been put "through the wringer." The part of the interview that piqued fans' curiosity is when he said in response, "you don't even know," while laughing, before going on to say, "you have no idea."

Boseman added that "one day," he'd live to tell the tale. As most know, Boseman's struggle with colon cancer was kept under wraps the entire time. When he died on Friday, his representatives confirmed he had struggled with cancer for four years.

Friday's statement claimed Chadwick had fought for years to try and make it through colon cancer. Unfortunately, the Da 5 Bloods actor succumbed to it and died. As the story goes, Boseman received his stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis in 2016. It later moved to stage four.

With the news of his passing, many of his fellow stars in the industry commemorated him, including Robert Downey Junior, Denzel Washington, as well as the former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.


Earlier this week, Denzel took to his social media to say that Chadwick was a "gentle soul" with tremendous talent. While speculation was kept below the surface, there were points in the year where fans became concerned about the actor's health. Near the start of the year, fans on social media noticed a picture of the actor looking very skinny.

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