AT&T Says Tenet's Box Office Numbers Were Not A Big Win

AT&T Says Tenet's Box Office Numbers Were Not A Big Win
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Before the movie's release, Christopher Nolan 's Tenet was projected to be the savior of movie theaters around the country. However, Movie Web reported today that Tenet didn't perform nearly as well as the studios had hoped.

The outlet claims the studios were hoping it would bring the audiences back to the theaters for the first time in months, however, following the movie's release, the reception was lukewarm. The chief of AT&T and Warner Brothers' Pictures claimed this week that the film's performance wasn't all that great.

Around the same time as Nolan's latest feature, other movie studios were trying to find a better time to release their film, however, the makers of Tenet decided to drop it in 2020. Reportedly, a big part of the reason the movie came out was because of Nolan himself.

It's a known fact that Christopher Nolan is a huge fan of the movie theater experience, and Movie Web says Nolan was holding out hope that it would lead to massive boosts in revenue for the theaters. Many cinema halls stayed open to screen the movie.

After a few weeks, when it became self-evident Tenet was not going to bring the audiences out in the way they had hoped, cinemas around the nation had to decide how to proceed forward. According to Stankey, the chief of AT&T and Warner Brothers, the holiday season is the time when they'll decide how to proceed with films.

Reportedly, Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for release on the 25th of December, but Stankey claims they have a number of backups for what to do in case they decide not to release it.

As for what they intend on doing in the meantime, Stankey claims they're focused primarily on digital releases, including on streaming platforms and other places where digital movies are sold. Variety was the first to report that Tenet will be available in homes for the Christmas holidays.


Another film that came out amid the coronavirus pandemic was Russell Crowe's Unhinged , and it was reported that it did ok considering it was released only in drive-in theaters and other venues with strict social distancing measures in place.

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