Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey break up; Jordan purchases $12.5 Million home

Michael B. Jordan has made himself a name in the world as one of […]

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Michael B. Jordan begins shaving her face, and fans ask him to grow a beard

Actor Michael B. Jordan shaved his beard, and his fans on social media are […]

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Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan Pack The PDA On Romantic 'Baecation!'

The couple went for a so called 'baecation' and made sure to also give […]

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Michael B. Jordan Talks About Having Babies In The Future Amid His Romance With Lori Harvey

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Lori Harvey Admits Something Unexpected About Michael B. Jordan

Lori Harvey just admitted something unexpected about Michael B. Jordan. Check out the complete […]

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Steve Harvey - Here's Why 'It's No Surprise' He Likes His Daughter Lori Dating Michael B. Jordan!

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Steve Harvey Says He Really Tried To Find Something Wrong With Michael B. Jordan But Couldn't!

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Will Michael B Jordan Portray The Next Superman - Sources Say It's Doubtful But Never Say Never

Michael B. Jordan is serious about making a change to American culture. The Black […]

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Lori Harvey Drops A Birthday Message For Her Better Half

Lori Harvey shared a birthday message for her better half Michael B. Jordan that […]

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