Anne Hathaway Says That Christopher Nolan Banned Chairs On His Set

Anne Hathaway Says That Christopher Nolan Banned Chairs On His Set
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Anne Hathaway - who previously shouted out to Rihanna for being a pillar of support -  says that Christopher Nolan had an interesting way to keep his staff members working during the filming of some of his biggest films, including Interstellar and The Dark Knight Rises. The New York Post said today that Nolan prefers not to have chairs on set.

Hathaway, who starred in the aforementioned movies, claimed that Nolan doesn't believe there should be chairs because then it means that people are sitting and not working.

During a conversation with Hugh Jackman for Variety's Actors on Actors, Hathaway revealed more of Nolan's idiosyncratic way of creating movies. Hathaway pointed out the most interesting aspect of Nolan's strategy, which is that it appears to work.

Hathaway claimed many of his films seem to arrive under schedule and also under budget. In other words, they cost less money and they're finished before the deadline. Hathaway went on to say that Nolan's work was "inspiring."

Nolan's team, on the other hand, refuted this claim. In a statement to Indie Wire, his team argued that the director does allow chairs on the set, but there are some items that aren't allowed. The rep claimed the only things not allowed on set are cell phones and smoking.

The statement emphasized that actors frequently sit wherever they want to. Nolan's team says that Anne was referring to the chairs around the video monitor. As fans of Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway know, both parties have worked with Christopher Nolan in the past.

Regarding the no-cell phone rule, Jackman agreed that it wasn't a good idea on set. He said it was about "intentionality," and if a person is on their cellphone, it eliminates the energy needed to work on a great film or production.


As it was noted above, Hugh Jackman starred in The Prestige alongside Christian Bale in 2006. Anne Hathaway portrayed Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, which was one of the most successful movies of 2012.


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