Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson Kiss Passionately At Hockey Game

Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson Kiss Passionately At Hockey Game
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As was reported yesterday, Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson were displaying all kinds of PDA at the  New York Rangers and Washington Capitals game. Their public affection followed an encounter at the Saturday Night Live after party but on Monday, things heated up a bit. What fans were missing on Sunday was footage showing the couple engaging in a passionate kiss.

Their body language certainly says these two are involved in a deep, romantic relationship though neither has publicly confirmed or commented on their relationship status.

When photos first surfaced showing Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson together the reactions were mixed. Some were curious about how the relationship would impact Ariana Grade, as she and Davidson called off their brief engagement.

Others remarked that there was an age difference between Kate and Pete and wondered if that would negatively influence any chance of romance.

Kate Beckinsale at 45 is 20 years older than 25-year-old Pete.  Kate is also the mother of 20-year-old Lily Mo Sheen —that's right, Pete is five years older than Kate Beckinsale's daughter.

Check out the photo of Kate and Pete locking lips below.

While the couple hasn't spoken publicly, they were well aware that any public affection would get picked up in the media so it's safe to say the couple has taken their relationship out in the open.

May/December relationships are more common now than before and many women say that they find a man's sense of humor the most attractive quality he can possess.

It's very possible that Kate Beckinsale is drawn to Pete Davidson because of his comedic wit and ability to make her laugh and essentially keep her happy.

The saying age is nothing but a number seems to be the case when it comes to love and romance with Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale.

What do you think of their romance? Are you surprised that Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale would be an item? Do you approve of them as a couple?

Though there have been multiple photos showing the pair walking hand-in-hand, these are the first photos that have shown them actually kissing.

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