Claudia Jordan Says Kim Kardashian Is More Of A Friend To Black Americans Than Kanye West

Claudia Jordan Says Kim Kardashian Is More Of A Friend To Black Americans Than Kanye West
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Claudia Jordan isn't the biggest fan of Kanye West these days, similar to DL Hughley. Hollywood Life spoke with Jordan this weekend and the outlet and the reality star touched on the impact of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump on criminal justice reform, in addition to Kanye.

Hollywood Life says Jordan said she was "embarrassed" by the way Kanye acts around the president of the United States, Donald Trump. The 47-year-old star claimed she was disappointed in Mr. West after discovering he began campaigning for the position in the Oval Office. Additionally, when West "bowed down," she said it was no way for a man to act.

Jordan claimed that people tell her, "oh, he's just so brilliant," and that she simply doesn't understand what the rapper is all about, however, she says there was a time when Kanye used to hang out with Jamie Foxx at his house, and at that time, he was more humble and kind.

Jordan went on to insinuate Kanye has changed over the years, and while she thinks he's a smart man, he's no longer the same person. As it was previously reported on the 4th of July, Kanye revealed he was going to run for the presidency.

Mr. West spoke with Forbes Magazine and said he was going to "take his red hat off" and start running as a third-party candidate. However, since then, Forbes has come out to accuse Kanye of merely creating a campaign to take votes away from Joe Biden.

Claudia went on to say that she doesn't understand how Kanye doesn't know he's just being used as a political pawn. Regarding his relationship with the president of the USA, Jordan says she's a lot more impressed with Kim's work rather than Kanye.

Fans of the Kardashian family know she successfully encouraged the president to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson who had been sentenced to life in prison. Additionally, the 40-year-old reality star has managed to work with Jared Kushner and Trump to push the First Step Act.

The idea behind the act is to reduce sentencing and also rehabilitate young black men who have been unfairly convicted and sentenced for crimes. Claudia added that Kim is more of an "ally" to the black community than Kanye.


She says she doesn't know whether Trump just worked with her as a PR move, but either way, some good happened when they worked together.

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