Forbes Editor Says Kanye West Is Using His Campaign To Take Votes Away From Joe Biden

Forbes Editor Says Kanye West Is Using His Campaign To Take Votes Away From Joe Biden
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A new report from Mercury News suggests that Kanye West may actually have created his campaign to take votes away from the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, at least according to the Forbes Magazine editor, who famously doesn't get along with the rapper.

As it was previously reported, Kanye is down in the Dominican Republic with his wife, Kim Kardashian. Mercury News says the morning after Kanye West and the Forbes editor spoke to each other via text message, the family began trending on Twitter once again.

Joe Lockhart, the former press secretary under Bill Clinton, took to his Twitter account to say that Kanye wanted to help Trump by launching his own campaign.

Joe urged people to stop buying products from the Kardashian family and stop watching their television shows.

Lockhart also addressed the people who think it's not the family's fault. He says their entire business model revolves around generating as much press and attention from the public as possible. He says if they don't get press, they don't make money.

According to Mercury News, the news of the Forbes editor, Randall Lane, and Kanye West's text message exchange comes not long after it has been reported that Republicans and other organizations are trying to help Kanye get his campaign running.

Randall Lane, the Forbes editor, suggested that Kanye's tweet in which he said he was "walking" to win, insinuates he was merely running to help Trump win . Kanye also reportedly said to him that he didn't want to argue about it, finishing off his message with the expression, "Jesus is King."

Even though it's been reported by the mainstream media as an incontrovertible fact, Kanye never admitted to running for the presidency as a way of helping the Republicans win. Kanye merely said he wasn't going to argue with the Forbes editor regarding his chance of winning this year.

Moreover, his idea that he was "walking" to win the election wasn't an admission of guilt either.

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