Is Kristin Cavallari Moving On With Jeff Dye?

Is Kristin Cavallari Moving On With Jeff Dye?
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Is Kristin Cavallari moving on with Jeff Dye? TMZ broke the news that Kristin Cavallari was caught kissing Jeff Dye, just about six months following the end of her marriage to NFL player Jay Cutler . Now, rumors are suggesting that Kristin has moved on and is very happy about her new relationship. Though TMZ obtained a video of Kristin kissing a "mystery man" sources are reporting to multiple outlets that the mysterious guy is Jeff Dye. Neither Kristin nor Jeff have spoken publicly about their relationship or confirmed the smoochfest, but plenty of people are weighing in.

The issue was also addressed in the upcoming November 2, 2020, issue of OK magazine. According to the publication, a source weighed in to share Kristin's happiness about dating Jeff.

The source stated the following to the magazine.

Jeff is perfect for her at this moment in her life. He's sweet and funny and charming and showing her a good time. It's still in the early stages, but Kristin's having a lot of fun.

The publication continued to say that the two have known each other for years, even though they were never romantic before. Kristin has been married to Jay Cutler since 2013 and the couple separated on 2020. Reports continue to state that their divorce is becoming contentious. The two share three sons: Camden, Saylor, and Jaxon.

You may see TMZ's report including the video that showed Kristin kissing the "mystery man" below.

Jeff Dye has never been married and has no children. This might make things a little more intense should the two decide to take their relationship to a more serious state. It's not uncommon for men who haven't had children to take on the role of stepfather for the woman they love. Blake Shelton did so when he and Gwen Stefani began dating. Gwen had been married to Gavin Rossdale for fourteen years and the like Kristin and Jay, Gwen and Gavin share three sons.

The source continued speaking about Kristin and Jeff.

They started flirting a bit, and one thing led to another, and Jeff finally asked her out. They really hit it off and have been seeing a lot of each other these past few weeks.


What do you think about the report? Again, neither Kristin nor Jeff have confirmed they are dating or responded to OK's report.

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